The Objects and Aims of Broadway History Society shall be to:

  1. Promote the understanding and study of the history of the village of Broadway, in the county of Worcestershire.
  2. Arrange meetings, walking tours, talks and other events on a broad ‘history’ theme to include visits to local historical building or sites.
  3. To provide a forum for the reporting, debate and discussion of issues relating to Broadway’s history and to share knowledge of the community and local area.
  4. To be an educational and non-profit making society.

Membership is open to all (2016/17 individual £10 pa, joint £15). Membership application forms can be obtained from Mary Smith, Hon. Treasurer tel. 01386 853278. Non-members welcome to meetings £3. Meetings are held monthly from September to May (AGM is held in May).

7 thoughts on “About

  1. To whom it may concern
    Dear Sir or Ma’am
    I am keen on finding out whether the library building of Sir Thomas Phillips still exists as I have an interest in tracing the background of Nicolas Vallard the first owner of the Vallard atlas in 1547.
    Apparently this atlas was held by him in this library although I gather that this collection was passed on to overseas buyers. However if the building still exists then I may visit it when I travel to the UK & France from Australia in September this year.

    I would appreciate it if you could advise me whether the original building known as the library of Sir Thomas Phillips still exists and whether there are tours going to this building please? Thank you

    Keith Vallard
    22 July 2019


    • Middle Hill, Broadway, still exists and is situated on the side of the Cotswold escarpment above Broadway. The house is in private ownership and is not open to the public. Thirlestaine House, Bath Road, Cheltenham, is now part of Cheltenham College and I suggest contacting the school to see whether it is possible to visit.


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